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Date of publication August 1, 2021
Language English
ISBN 978-3-85928-105-9
Publisher Rheuma Schweiz
Editors Zeidler, Henning | West, Sterling G. | Michel, Beat A.
Authors Brunner, Florian | Büchi, Stefan | Hügle, Thomas | Jenewein, Josef | Kuchen, Stefan | Maurer, Britta | Michel, Beat | Rubbert-Roth, Andrea | Von Kempis, Johannes | Zeidler, Henning

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There is a wide spectrum of conditions under the term of rheumatic and musculoskeletar disorders (RMD's), whose common feature and leading symptom is pain in the musculoskeletal system often accompanied by functional disability.

Such a symptomatic definition covers a wide variety of etiologically, pathogenetically as well as clinically different entities, some of which may not have their primary namifestation in the musculoskeletal system. The differential diagnosis is therefore often a challenge.

However, an accurate diagnosis is crucial for appropriate management and this needs a careful evaluation of the differential diagnosis.

About this eBook

This eBook helps the reader to go from symptom to diagnosis in the case of rheumatic diseases. Illustrated is the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal pain and diseases associated with rheumatic diseases in their differential diagnostic aspects.

A detailed presentation of the basics is followed by a detailed description of all important differential diagnoses.

This ebook has been completely revised and updated by the authors.